Food for life
        Bai nian hao he yan
        Jia ou tian cheng yan
        Tian chang di jiu yan
        Yong jie tong xin yan
        Jin yu liang yuan yan
        Xing fu mei man yan
          Shangyu International Hotel provides you with first-class food experience. It has Zero restaurant with a panoramic tour, Chinese and western buffet restaurant, magnificent banquet hall, and 42 boxes with various styles. The hotel can accept 2000 guests simultaneously. Distinctive cuisine and high quality service is our commitment. It’s your ideal choice for dining.
          We have all kinds of Chinese and western restaurants, with gilt tableware and other famous catering appliance. The layout changes with themes. Each restaurant has a beautiful lady standing at the door.
          Vienna Restaurant
          Flower arrangement reveals French romance. The rich breakfast with a wide range of Chinese and foreign delicacies are tempting, including 6 or 7 kinds of bread and various roast sausage and smoked meat. The onsite cooking makes delicacies fresher.
          Chunquan Hall
          It is a Chinese-style banquet hall, which can accommodate 300 people.
          Rose Garden
          The restaurant can accommodate 200 people, and mainly provides bird’s nest, fin, abalone and other high-end seafood, supplemented by new Hangzhou dishes. In addition, Sichuan cuisine, Ningbo dishes and Shaoxing dishes with rich flavor are offered.
          Chinese-style Box
          The elegant traditional Chinese paintings are hung on the wall with wooden letters as the wallboard, showing archaic Chinese rhyme.  
          Western-style Box
          It is decorated with splendid oil paintings and Roman columns with rich Western style.
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